Requirements management
Trawling for business-user stories and scenarios; analyzing work scope; extracting functional and non-functional requirements; requirements change handling; cooperation with key stakeholders; requirements reuse.
Systems integration
Analyzing current state of the business and advising on the smooth transition; managing/overseeing legacy systems; employing middleware for unification of incompatible systems; refactoring; data translation; documentation analysis.
Back-end services
Microservices, distributed data collection and processing; hardware interfaces and Web API design and implementation; cached data storages; messages and data brokers.
Quality and testing
TDD; detailed unit tests with mocked artefacts; integration tests; load and stress tests; user interface tests; back-to-end user acceptance test; smoke tests; exceptions and misuse stories verification.
Architecture design
SOLID principles; using framework templates to provide early value; emergent architecture for fast-changing requirements; up-front design for large scale systems; design patterns.
Automation and Algorithms
Optimizing crucial parts of the system (Pareto principle); employing advanced mathematical algorithms; designing algorithms for newly-discovered problems.
Automated tests; gathering and processing error reports and logs; application self-monitoring; auto-generated documentation; scripting; code generation; continuous integration and delivery.
Why Us?
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