The future is you
Every part of our life depends on technology. It comes in many forms: the electrons in our power sockets, the bits of information on our phone screens-it’s even in the flu jabs we get from our GPs. Technology and engineers are our today and our tomorrow.
During our workshops, we show this to children very clearly. We show, we teach, we get pupils involved. History, the present, the future-we compare them and we explain them. We talk about successes, failures and responsibilities. We use photos, videos and artefacts. Our aim is to inspire the next generation of engineers!
Reaching for the stars
The Universe is vast and unknown. To most of us the distances, temperatures and pressures are incomprehensible. The theories are mind-boggling and the technology is... well, it is actually rocket science.
Using questionnaires, we measure the level of knowledge of our participants before and after our workshops to tailor and correctly pitch our talks. We also let pupils ask questions about topics they are the most interested in and we provide answers in an understandable form using engaging analogies to everyday life.
Why Us?
We build the right solutions. Using robust process for requirements discovery and incorporating changes. No moaning.
We build the right solutions and we build them right. Employing the newest technologies and listening to feedback... and testing. Constantly.
We build the right solutions, we build them right, and we deliver them on time. Agile triangle, cost and schedule are fixed.