Vertical Gardening

With land costing more and more, ecological awareness in society increasing, and the sweet water supply about to become a limited commodity, we need to think about more efficient food production. Vertical planting allows us to produce more food on the same areal of land. Going upwards lets us have gardens more similar to dense habitats where the land and water come with premiums.

At EngInIt, we are experimenting with vertical towers to grow strawberries. We have managed to grow 18 plants on 0.1 m2 and automated sensors control the moisture of the soil on three levels. The vertical construction helps us to protect plants from pests and exposes fruit to direct sunlight. Active moisture monitoring saves water and in the next generation of the system, it will allow for an automated watering system.

All the data is collected over WiFi and the system is powered by a battery and a solar panel.

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